David Perez


My name is David Perez, I was born in Monterrey, Mexico. I like sports a lot, specially soccer. Alongside my parters, we crated this blog to help kids and teenagers that are currently in school and that are facing all of the problems that school can bring to kids. Like I said, I like soccer a lot. Throughout the years I have faced a lot of problems with my teammates. As many of you know, soccer is a team sport and by having a bad relationship with your teammates you are all ready losing by one before the game even starts. This situations and how I have managed to overcome them, have inspired me to write this blog. If what I write can help at least one person that is caught up in a situation similar to what I’m going to write about I’m going to do it.

Roberto Emilio Gonzalez


Hey my name is Roberto Emilio Gonzalez Garza. I’m 15 years old and I’m a student of Second semester at the Prepa Anáhuac Campus San Agustín. I consider myself a sporty guy, who enjoys playing soccer. I born in Monterrey, Mexico. Me and my colleagues created this blog for teenagers that are having problems that the school cannot help them. I like to see movies or tv series. I want to give you a personal anecdote, When it was the most recent earthquake in Mexico City, my friends and I are in a Catholic group at the Church of “Maria de Los Angeles. We gather canned food, toilet paper, etc. That day I felt full in my heart, because I was able to help people and it is something I am very proud. I hope this blog can help people who have certain problems.

Diego Martinez


I’m Diego Martinez. I’m 15 years old and currently a second semester student at the Prepa Anahuac Campus San Agustín. I live in Monterrey, Nuevo León. I’m a sporty guy, who enjoys playing soccer, golf and paddle. I am not only a sports kind of guy a like to watch tv series and movies. Also a like to write and that’s why I’m making this blog so that I can inspire other teenagers or any persons of any age to make a difference in their society just by giving a good example. I realized that I needed to help my society when I went to a trip to San Miguel where me and my friends helped people with economic problems, by giving them the basic resources to live a good life. I really hope this blog helps many people and that it has a positive effect on the people that read it.